angst cycle (iii)

the building plan is pretty much a giant ‘Q’
the base with the bar is thicker
i’m looking down to the ironed roof

white painted steel three bar fence
to stop any roof running dogs suiciding
the flat itself is asphelt

and around as wide as a long lying hound
marked by an edge and what looks like a curbstone fence
is made what could be a racetrack

of course it’s for those fancy window cleaning carts
although it has two concrete fences
jumps the carts could never hop

but miniature horses could though why they would
is odd why they even race here is odd as well
but race they must what else is there

i imagine great sleek brown glisten horses
ridden by toddler jockeys in finest owner silks
racing laps one two three and oh where are they

the start line finish crowds and judges
must be in that one ‘Q’ corner hidden behind another glass wall
reflections distorting reality’s straight glass

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