angst cycle (iii)

rationalis capex
the batman sanity
i always found funny
now you know
the kraken woke

it’s a sane insanity
or so abbesses claims
the croke still woke

yes yes
i would the graveyard do
were i so be
but i never was
a learn to call
mild misfortune out
wrap it in a satin cap
feel it wake

for grave misfortune
has the croak
grave misfortune
that’s the unavoidable
if you cannot manage mild
grave will gorge on you
grave and me have met
too many times
it will meet us all again
and take and take
the yard is husk
it's grave the croak

anger yes
at your broken of my iron bones
you asked
i gave
you discarded
without to me
an ah
anger yes
intensity yes
but never hate
not yet

but skinny dip and werdenboeks
your omit the rape of distant hearts
i cannot do
ich kanne nicht deine Gift geben
though no doubt my own in blindness
another in other ways can cause

wrong impression
such denial
does not mark you well
look behind
that wrong impression
beyond your rain
behind your nets
shine your light
in your space
in all your space
see the possessions
for once see the possessed
all the possessed see

don’t wonder why
the twitching nets

what scorn
my anger yes
or is the scorn
your scorn

retract my jealousy
you miss the pain
why do i not ride the catapult
to dublin
i do not want to see
that pain again
why do i talk of cut
i do not want to see
that pain again
to retract that jealousy
is to retract the flame
ignore the fuel
polluting seas
it the kraken woke

i’m still at all or cut
i have no other place

i could retract
when no to be is shining on
it’s not a reason trade

it’s all or cut
i’m still at all or cut
it’s all or cut
i’m still at all or cut

if only
that infirmary road
up infirmary road
was the infirmary road
i deeply held of taking
the healthy willing fit
the you
that you
that you will never be
for another insanity
the up infirmary road
the fantasy
the team of instinct need
the fantasy

i’m sorry
i have no other place
it’s all or cut
i’m still at all or cut
it’s not a reason thing

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