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Wurmfest was a relative success. I’ve still to upload photos & recordings.

image: em on a chair

It was a team effort, although, being out of work, I did most of the organisation. Those months were extremely busy. Wurmfest took time away from poetry and photography. I still have poems to transcribe. I wasn’t relaxed enough to produce output as good as it should have been. Most annoyingly, I found myself out of emotional equilibrium.

Just to add to the complexity, in the two weeks before wurmfest, I found myself attending job interviews, including one abroad.

But, fortunately, most of the organisation worked out, so problems at wurmfest were resolved (mostly). The one problem beyond our control was the venue, which was a mistake: the promised toilets weren’t there, the place was colder than it could have been.

Before the weekend, we all promised none would ever run another poetry festival again. Afterwards, during the buzz, I thought perhaps I might reconsider. Now the buzz has faded, I doubt it. But, fortunately, it’s no longer my problem….