angst cycle (iii) — [ζ] (ix)

i find
what i really want
is an open conversation

completely open
no blocks

i know that can be difficult
so the place has to be right

somewhere private
no one else's ears

somewhere comfortable
that infamous relax
a lounge

an an open fire
absolutely an open fire
to make the space
the conversation will need
within itself

somewhere where i can see you
your reaction
see your language
and you mine
of course

and no drink
or not much
i don't want alcohol
to block
my response
if the response
turns out
to be the desire
we need

that response
is difficult for me
you know that
it's got to be bought out
another reason
for a very private place

i need to see you

rent a cottage

might this interest you
maybe not now
maybe it's too soon
might this interest you

we can jazz poetry
be delighted by the best
giggle at the silly
be embarrassed at the awful
with a smile and a tickle
caress the caress

this is what i really want

somewhere neutral
somewhere now
i'd like