angst cycle (iii) — [ƪ]

we set up this team construction
i played my role
i held my side of the deal

she enticed and applied desire at me
despite having a man
i am not so much a bastard
i don’t hurt strangers

but the enticement
loaded me this poison
i fight to defeat

nor do i in retrospect
like the selfishness she shew
playing a game that forced emotional pain
on me or him
and in the end
on both

so she’d could bathe in lax and laziness
not fix or end
the problems she perceived
she had with him

but when the ethics allowed i replied
but you know she denied
with her selfishness turned up to max
took another

so the other can take the team project
i know she’s said
he’s incapable and lies
but I suspect she misjudges still

it shouldn’t take him
more than a morning of work
to knock up a quick substitute
for the shop front