angst cycle (iii) — [σ] (x)

the sky
great hills seen from
looking down from
in a light aircraft

and across the valleys
seen are strange bridges
like wide wide suspended rivers

great chasms of ancient
precisely drawn out detail

i can’t see but i can imagine
the geology
the laid–out strata of evolution

fossils like play–doe toys
sticking out from ancient cliff faces
flying monsters like cataclysmic snatched

trees and glades and forests now stone
this is where the ancients hearts sung
now dead all dead like the end of time

you see the erosion the fallen down boulders
knowing oh such a short time
will make this incredible history no evidence

it’s already drifting fading smoking
and there there the sky has changed again
it’s just another dead mess of grills

a careless barbecue on a sunday afternoon
the wiped–out kids and the drunken parents
cooking centuries of history for a moment of stomach

welcome to the modern race
you’re welcome to this sinside of the modern race
some of us like forward