angst cycle (iii)
[ζ] (v)

so i decided
to find
the arch marble
fucking idiot i was
thinking that was a guru
a religious guru
a perfect sphere
with the eye
to watch the world
watch me
see my failures
direct me

to presume
a god
would talk to me
ignorance too

and there is no arch marble
it’s just a piece of bloody architecture
not the cube
the perfect cube
the greater arch

you see
i asked
asked for a signal

a stone monument
wouldn’t answer
couldn’t answer
it’s just a piece of history
history answers
not stone

so i got a signal
a metro
on an island
in bloody brum
a brumland island

a bloody metro
full of underground signals
no one can see
’cos they’re bloody underground see

and now
and now
off to bloody
alexander’s empire
to footy against the pharaoh
well his animals
footy against the sphinx

there’s no bloody arch
no such god
but there’s an arc
utterly not a goddess
utterly to touch

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