angst cycle (iii)
[E] (v)

the way she described him
fuck–ups happen around him
entirely by coincidence
nothing to do with him
he accepted responsibility
spent his flatmate’s money
never occurred to him
it might rain
not earn it back
when the landlord expected it
he’s only 37
shocking new experience
losing his job
it’s only happened
once a month
every month

oh dear
he’s got no money
not his fault at all
oh no

thing is
she always settles with a guy
who can’t write poetry
it might be a competition thing
i know how that is
i’d find it difficult
with an engineer

but this deadbeat
doesn’t know
he can’t write poetry
perhaps he can prose
but not poetry
i want someone intelligent
she said
the hypocrisy should be laughable
beautiful pun

an intelligent guy
would see the pattern
and deal with it
perhaps he has
girls with flats and hearts
there’s always more

you know how it is
i can’t be neutral
the feelings need to speak
i’m throttled by the spider

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