angst cycle (iii)
[ω] (ii)

for much of yesterday
i was happy
to continue the cut

this might
be connected
to the hangover

now today
i’m back to wanting

but what’s the benefit
yeah yeah on the surface
but underneath

what can actually
be achieved

she doesn’t want
therefore contact
will not get

all it will get me
is more fucking

and even if
she finally
turned round

how could it
ever work

open solaris
quits en masse

the headline
that’s a clue

although i admit
i thought i’d quit
from this fucking game

and i still got poisoned
still got
two years of hurt

because i turned
my attention

i don’t think
i’ll contact

i think
i can hold
the cut

i shall quit
en masse
from this game

the one
i don’t
want to play

the one
that never has
a positive

the one
no one
can avoid

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