angst cycle (iii)
[Ɲ] (iv)

so now i’ve set the steel
shall i make one final attempt
at contact

give her a chance
to redeem her error

this particular route
has happened before
can’t remember the girl
i can remember an incident
months later

she asked me
why i’d stopped pursuing
i think that might have been the noes
i didn’t tell her that
her question was idiotic

but then said
she was still interested
so i promptly asked her
if she’d like to meet
and she said no

her cruelty was immense
not surprisingly
i grew immensely angry
that she’d
tried to recreate
the appalling pain
she’d made me suffer

i managed to control myself
turn around
and walk off
never spoke to her again

i think i crossed the street
a couple of times

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