angst cycle (iii)
[Ƨ] (iv)

“you see
i was visiting the year
twenty thirty

when i felt
a disturbance
in the time continuum

i realise now
what i felt
was your touch
in the time stream”

i don’t think
regular time travellers
talking to each other

would use such clunk

talking to strangers
who can’t live the life
but need to get a grasp


but not

and the stolen genius formula
plotification thieving
unstuck and no a doing thing now what

he’d another onto move be and done
full of flying fleeing brilliance

and the thief
steal the formula
but convince to be
the alien strange antiobviousial supremities
to his colleagues

no no no no no
not not not not not
on on on on on

trouble with this music
it’s fun and bop
but it glorifies crap
crapity crapity crapity crap
crapity crapity crapity crap
crapity crapity crapity crap


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