angst cycle (iii) — [E] (vii)

jesus wept
i must be generating vibe

i’m fucking fifty
fat and crappy

look at me
you’d think
large cat
big hedge

by the end of this poem
big head

two dancers
thank you guy & gal
different time
gave me the lines

and now
late teens early 20s
on the train
with mum
not got the looks
got the scope
stared at me

i’d been aboard
half a day
not noticed the her

this time
look up
just staring at me
look again
just staring at me

i suppose it depends the vibe
lust love
or all

staring at me

i was tempted
to slip a few words
see if she’d blush
or shriek
or both

staring at me

i was embarrassed

i glance
hold no contact
more than once
hold no contact

staring at me

got it
bet there’s some guy
youth famous
should have winked

sorry mate
well thanks

staring at me

i like the staring
meant for you

bet you don’t