angst cycle (iii)
[Ʀ] (xi)

ignoring the clouds
really rather rainy and unexciting
i want to look at that
dirty concrete living block

i don’t know if it was once a dirty white
or a gleaming white that decayed too fast
but up top the slatter white
looks grey like paint has worn off wood
and roofs are shanty sheets of shanty iron
odd for a concrete block

there’s green and plants trees almost
and the windows reflect a clean gleam
so someone inside cares where they live
but really it’s a mess
that luxembourgers would have demolished
for no new paint in a dozen weeks

it’s clearly people’s homes
and i’m sure inside they’re rather good
all that green gives a lovely calm
a relaxation of mental breathe
this city too often lacks

so i don’t know
someone needs to drop
half a dozen white paint balloons
onto the roof

before the implied missing maintenance
turns into real rain inside and hell

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