angst cycle (iii)
[Ʀ] (iii)

so first my dress
it’s not the key for men
but it juices the atmosphere

i’ll never clam the elegance
no glory will accrue my coats
i just don’t get the plum technique

but i can upgrade
to undistinguished

i do have something
a weird and unexpected

i do get female stares
often i rather think
because they are surprised

there is a cat and hedge
that big

but sometimes
if i approach to ask
i get a glorious smile

like the night before last
she instantly nonned my plus
so much for that

but the smile was good
a cheer in the memory
a knowing that to out plus the non

i have to let dear mania
come out for a moment’s ride
mostly that will create a scare

but sometimes the mania’s returned
then i think i hope
we’ll launch a magical inflatable raft for two

until some loss of foam around the mouth
will collapse my mania into shock
but where will that raft have reached

i need to play
i do so need to play
move on move on move on

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