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I did rather enjoy Iain M Banks’ Inversions. The first time I ran through it and enjoyed the story, but, like all his recent novels, I had to go back and reread it because I knew I’d missed a lot. Second time around, the title made sense, I think I understand what went on at the Protector’s court, and I enjoyed many of the subtle Culture hints he’s put in, but, for example, I’ve still not worked out the plot behind the failed downfall of the doctor (and I DON’T WANT TO BE TOLD, I WANT TO WORK IT OUT, thank you, so keep off that reply button)—so I’ll have to go back to it in a couple of weeks.

Similarly, I’ve read Excession five times so far, and keep finding more depth to what I now think is one of his finest novels. I’m waiting a few years before I read it again to avoid over–familiarity, but I know there’s more to discover.

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