In the far distant future, aliens discover the Earth and realise they cannot defeat Earth’s mighty forces. They decide their best chance of victory is to go back in time and make the human race stupid. Their evil plot is subtle: they produce a book that celebrates incompetence, ignorance and stupidity, & hope everyone will love the book and adopt the values. Their evil scheme worked, for here is the book, Connie Willis’ Doomsday Book, & it is garnered with awards.

This is the worst novel I have ever encountered. It reads as though the author’s world–view is everyone but her is an idiot. This book is anti–intellectual in characters, in subject and in content. Anti–intellectual is just a big word for stupid. It gravely insults culture.

I wonder if it’s meant to be a farce but the author forgot to add the funny?

I only wish I’d heard the SFBRP review before I grabbed it.