30 Edited the dratted cat, visiting the usa, it is the weather, RIP David Senior, austria, windows 95 feedback, favourite composers, looking like the proper, DS & CX, food and culture, poetry workshops, across europe, meat substitutes & rumbustious music.
29 Added brainache and fusion postscript.
25 Edited preset feast 2.
24 Added preset feast 2, along with abstract animation, abstraction, abstraction extreme, abstraction sketches, BW sketch ideas 1, BW sketch ideas 2, cartoon styles 1, cartoon styles 2, circle renditions, colour sketch ideas, examples, generative animate process, generative exp, iterative processes, loop action tests, movie ideas, movie proc, move processing ideas 1 and move processing ideas 2 to reflets. Edited fusion & windows.
23 Added fusion & windows.
19 Added doheem (ii).
16 Added 3.0 tutorial, abstract, abstract representation, adventure set 1, adventure set 2, adventure set 3, autorotoscope examples, effects that process canvas, enhance, general, mezzotint experiments, movie processing tutorial, paint, pencil sketch, portrait ideas, process movie tutorial, screen print ideas, sketch, source abstractions, symmetry, textures, time particle experiments & watercolour styles to reflets, with a corresponding blog entry. Introduced the trail, containing old front chunks, which may replace here.
16 Added zz, ztest 1 & 2 to reflets, and brain train.
15 Added way to work (x).
7 Added font change; edited centos 7 proxy bork.
6 I’ve added blog entries on centos 7 proxy bork & being nervous on buses, and msg 7, 8 & 9 to reflets
3 Added thames poly (v), kerry (xxxiii), and msg 6.
2 I’ve rejigged front. The old front, which I consider beautiful, did not reflect arts & ego’s dynamism. It has been relegated as content. The old content is now indices. Given front will be regularly updated, rss is less important, so is only shown on front.
1 Added way to work (ix), and msg 5 to reflets.