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I find commercial sites on the Web seem so complex they’re ugliness, others so animatated they’re unreadable, and I detest those horrible things that Microsoft introduced as “marquees” even though they look nothing like giant tents. To me, any movement is a distraction from the message unless the page is specifically there for that purpose, e.g. a TV company or somesuch. Does this make me an old Web fogey?

I’m quite willing to put my ego where my mouth is—you can see my idea of good pages at xenakis. They’re designed to reflect my artistic self–confidence, and they work best in Internet Explorer 3 with default link colours (ok, so I really ought to get myself a copy of Netscape).

This may explain why I find the time it takes to find my way round the arcane thrills of the various HTML editors is greater than the time it takes to knock up the pages I want in Notepad. The difficult bit—getting the words and pictures right—takes just as long in any editor.

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