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  • 1961 Slough–built DS19 currently undergoing full restoration as a millennium project;
  • 1977 CX2400 Prestige;
  • 1986 CX Turbo 1—my day–to–day car.


  • Amstrad 1512 with 640K RAM, 20M Hard disk, running Windows 1.0;
  • Sinclair Spectrum, Sinclair QL, prototype Acorn Archimedes, a couple of Commodore Amigas, and other bits and pieces;
  • Home built 386–40 with 230M disk and 8M RAM running Windoze 3.1;
  • Various Psions—gave up on them because Psion’s UK–support didn’t so much repair hardware faults as cause them;
  • Ex–DAN Pentium 90 with 2.7G disk, 16M RAM, running Windoze 95;
  • Home built Dual Pentium Pro 200 with 12G disks, 160M RAM, and lots of bits, running Windows NT 4.0 Server;
  • I dislike Apples because of the smug arrogance of many Mac fanatics; even so, I own an Apple Newton.

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