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The Psion 5 had a bad start over here—Psion launched it before they had ironed out all bugs. They must have been advised by Clive Sinclair (you know, launch the product, get the money, then design it). They’re selling very well now though; the machines are very difficult to get hold of. Ironically, Microsoft have given me everything I need to use to develop Windows CE software, except a machine (part of the Developer’s subscription series).

In terms of education, Acorn were badge labelling Psion 3a’s for the education market—God knows if that is still continuing. The government has committed to get all schools properly the Internet, and has got BT to agree to connect them all (and libraries) for free—although I haven’t heard anything about that particular deal for some time (it required Norman Tebbit, a BT director, to attend a Labour Party conference and enthuse about Labour Party policy on this matter, which was highly amusing to see). I see the main problem as being the lack of knowledge of online nous of the average teacher. I’ll try asking around. Has anyone thought about selling pocket encyclopaedias on handhelds to school kids for cheating in exams? Think of the sales when the machines are confiscated and the kid has to buy another!

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