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I have to admit I found poetry workshops difficult but useful. They do so depend on the other people there—which is bloody obvious when you think about it! My attitude now is influenced by my encountering third hand reports of Proust—the only way to true happiness is by creating art. I’m happy creating what I create, and so long as I believe I’ve done a good job, then that’s that. Critical response is always welcome, especially if it points out technical weaknesses, but—especially in photography at the moment—I much prefer pushing at (my own) limitations. I’ve got so pissed off with the right angle in photography—partially because I spend my day in front on computer screens staring at right angles dominating Windows—that I’m trying to find ways to weaken and challenge them in my photographs. I’m experimenting with angular orientations in landscapes (inspired by interview footage on the TV, it must be said), and I want to see if I can do anything with non–rectangular frames, although everything I’ve seen done in that area before is been awful and dreadfully cliché ridden. It seems to all come down to form.

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