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I suppose my answer to the question “what can one do that hasn’t been done before” is reflect current times, or, if you want a more subjective answer, make you own art. I am absolutely confident that new innovations will occur in landscapes—and all other great art forms—but if they were desperately obvious, they’d have been done by now—so they wouldn’t be new. To be honest, I don’t let that kind of thing worry me; I just take my photos the way I want to take them. And those St. Neots photos were taken after hanging around in a foot of snow for a couple of hours on New Years Eve eighteen months (or so) ago when the trees were covered in delightful hoarfrost, waiting for the sun to sink to the right position. I got some excellent photos and some very cold feet.

I take photos with an angular horizon because I’ve got alienated by the dominance of right angles in the form, and want to see if I can challange that dominance. I haven’t found the ideal image yet, but I believe it’s there. I doing it for my own satisfaction alone; if I succeed, great, if I fail, so what!

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