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The iPhone 11 is a better piece of hardware than any Windows phone, and not just because it has the advantage of a few more years of hardware development. Apple have the reputation of producing good, reliable hardware, and I see no reason to doubt that this iPhone will be any different.

On the other hand, the software is generally dismal. Although Apple offer a number of good apps, in some cases winning hands down against their Windows equivalent (such as with office apps), Microsoft’s apps still beat their Apple equivalent in other areas (such as podcasts), despite being a few years older. Indeed, when Microsoft win, they slaughter: Explorer is far superior to Finder.

The deepest problem with the iPhone is that it cannot be trusted. The podcast app deletes podcasts. The books app deletes books. The iPhone destroys value, by design. These errors are why I am keeping my Windows phone around.

Indeed, these design errors make me regret buying the iPhone. Worse, they’ve persisted for most of a decade, the podcast apps design errors were why I switched to the Windows phone in the first place. Seriously, I did not expect this error not to have been corrected for so long. If they can’t fix something as obviously bad as that, what else have they screwed up?

To be absolutely honest, if Windows phones remained available, I’d have stuck with them. However, Microsoft have moved on, and so must I. Unfortunately, my choice of an iPhone to replace Windows was a mistake.

The underlying problem is the market is currently a duopoly, between Apple, whose products intentionally destroy what they’re trusted to keep, versus Google, who’ll steal any and every information they can, to con you. Alternatives are desperately needed.

Buying the iPhone was a mistake.