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The iPhone comes with a weather app.

The Windows phone does not, so I hooked into the Luxembourgish, French, German and British weather services to monitor weather forecasts here. In general, the British forecast is pessimistic, and the French optimistic, and the weather is somewhere between the two. The Luxembourg forecast is unfortunately often vague, but rarely wrong.

The iPhone comes with a weather app from an American weather service. The American weather service itself is not so good at predictions, so much so that forecasts for the US from Europe tend to be more accurate. This is not good.

On the other hand, I’ve not been monitoring the iPhone weather forecasts for long, so it’s perfectly plausible that I’m downplaying its prediction quality. I will keep monitoring.

I’ve already noted that the quality of the British forecasts is getting pretty bad. This is not connected with my new iPhone!

All the same, right now, I intend to keep using the sites I already use to predict the weather.

No winner … but see weather 2/2.