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Apple offer Siri for voice control, Microsoft offer Cortana.

I turned Cortana on, played with it, but never found a reason to use it seriously.

I’ve turned Siri on, played with it, then turned it off when it clicked that everything I do on it requires an upload to a cloud server for interpretation, and I don’t want to use up my (now reduced) data allocation.

I commute. When I commute, almost everyone uses their phone, and absolutely no one speaks with it, except for the rare call.

At work, people use their phone from time to time, and the only time they speak is when they make a call.

I don’t see the use case for Siri, beyond special cases. I presume there must be a use case, given the sales of products such as the Home Pod, but whatever it is, it’s so irrelevant to me that I don’t get it.

I have no clue which is better, Apple or Microsoft.