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This is my opinionated and unscientific advice for those Windows phone users seeking advice when getting an iPhone 11. I suggest you do the following:

  • Get rid of the crud that you can. You’ll be unable to get rid of everything, but most things will go.
  • Delete the podcast app, and write a complaint to Apple about it.
  • Install OneDrive, or another cloud system that works for you. Disconnect whatever you can from iCloud.
  • Do not install apps from known data thieves (such as faceboot or googol), if you can possibly avoid doing so. If you must use their products, use the corresponding websites as far as possible.
  • Install additional browsers, particularly those intended to offer some small hint of privacy, so that when you have to go to data thief websites, you are partially protected.
  • Make your own decisions about Siri, Face–Id, and other fancy toys included with the iPhone.
  • Don’t overload your iPhone with apps, and delete anything you no longer use. They waste resources and give offer thieves additional routes of entry.
  • Keep your phone fully patched!
  • Keep you Windows phone for those things in which it still excels, but only connect it in secure places.